The 6 Steps to Name Retention and Recall

Your ability to recall a person’s name is just a workshop away from going from embarrassing to impressing yourself and everyone you know or will ever meet. It is said hat the sweetest sound to anyone’s ears universally in any language is their own name. It is also said that your favorite subject is yourself. If these two statements are veri tas Harvard University’s motto, “only the truth” how can a person go through life without mastery of Name Retention.

It’s beyond a skill to have it’s a business and personal death trap if one doesn’t make an honest effort to acquire it. So how important is it when you meet someone personally or through business that you remember not only their name but their name personally or business preferences’. If you ever expect to be successful in the world today your memory is one of the most important tools to have in your tool belt. I said tool belt because too many people have it in their tool box and where is that when you need it in the shop back home. I don’t need their name after I leave the store, restaurant, business meeting or personal outing. I needed it back then 20 minutes ago when they ran into me or I ran into them with my family or friends and can’t introduce them because I don’t remember their name.

Never mind how humiliating it is, as one very successful Realtor in Arkansas, said he was having two weeks ago sold a couple a million dollar home and then ran into them at his favorite diner only to forget their name. He said I will never know how many of that couples friends also looking to buy that dream home I will never have the chance to sell because of the very real image I sent of personal desire for monetary gain only. Ever happen to you? Well maybe not but you will never know what you have missed out on. Mostly because you didn’t learn a skill that makes the other person feel interesting because you appeared to be interested in them.

I can equip you with a skill that will be a paradigm shift from the way you recall names and all the pertinent information that the persons name carries when it comes to your world and that person.

The person will become the file and the information, so when you see them accidentally or they walk through the door unbeknownst to you they were coming. We all have this ability to recall names and faces. Yes even though at Plymouth Rock the best system ever developed and used by Chief Little Falls or his wife Calm Winds, when they met our forefathers. We just got to sophisticated through the seasons of time and changed their names to Chief Herman Arthur Papadopolous and Mrs. Chief Becky Ann Surmanski!

No fear help is a phone call and a few hours of instruction away and within the Memory Guru’s power to train you how to never forget a name or a face again! America’s Memory Guru Harold Mangum President/Psychologist MTI