With 29 years of experience in the corporate world and six years as President of Nittany Business Coaching, Michael Cox, MBA provides training and consulting that is grounded in not just conceptual knowledge but actual real life experiences. He spent 29 highly successful years, primarily in management with the same very large company before starting his training and consulting business six years ago. Seminars with Michael Cox, MBA have been described by clients, as highly impactful, enjoyable and enlightening, and interactive and compelling. He blends strong course content with real world experiences and an interactive style that involves all attendees, to create a training experience that makes a difference. The primary goal is to insure that clients needs are exceeded and attendees can begin implementing key concepts and ideas immediately to drive results and increase productivity.
During his corporate career Michael was noted for developing high performing teams with a strong sense of mutual accountability that exceeded expectations consistently in a highly regulated and competitive environment and had FUN while doing so. He navigated his teams through three major corporate acquisitions and is well versed in the challenges that may arise from organizational change and conflict management.
He has delivered seminars on a variety of topics, most notably those related to leadership, change management, the sales process, negotiating strategies creating marketing plans and time management.