Richard Bellman began his teaching career in a snowstorm in 1989 when he went to substitute teach ESL to adults who braved the inclement weather to improve their lives.Since then, he has taught thousands of classes and has transformed the lives of over 10,000 students. Richard has taught a variety of subjects which include: English as a Second Language (ESL); High School English andLanguage Arts; GED; Guard Card Training (CA); Food Safety Training (NRFSP, NEHA and ServSafe); and Pesticide Applicator Training(CA) and is certified in the Anderson and Anderson Anger Management Trainer Program and can administer the MVP Sexual Harassment Program.

Keynote Speeches:
The Role of Gratitude in Our Lives: 5 Paths Toward Greater Appreciation and More Abundance
The Courage to Change: 5 Steps to Change Your Life and Career
Finding You True Calling: 5 Ways to Discover Your Life’s Mission