Richard Bellman

Richard Bellman
Richard Bellman
Anger Management, Business Ethics, Communication
Conflict Management, Sexual Harassment, Team Building, Computer Technology
Richard Bellman began his teaching career in a snowstorm in 1989 when he went to substitute teach ESL to adults who braved the inclement weather to improve their lives. Since then, he has taught thousands of classes and has transformed the lives of over 10,000 participants.

Richard has taught a variety of subjects which include:

Communication and Conflict Resolution

The certified Anderson and Anderson Anger Management Trainer Program

MVP’s Certification Sexual Harassment Training Seminars in compliance with Ab1825 and AB2053 Bullying Prevention Training. Additionally he teaches:

English as a Second Language (ESL); High School English and Language Arts; GED; Guard Card Training (CA); Food Safety Training (NRFSP, NEHA and ServSafe); and Pesticide Applicator Training(CA).

Keynote Speaking:

The Role of Gratitude in Our Lives: 5 Paths Toward Greater Appreciation and More Abundance

The Courage to Change: 5 Steps to Change Your Life and Career

Finding Your True Calling: 5 Ways to Discover Your Life’s Mission

Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing and English, Concordia University

Diploma in Education, McGill University

Master of Arts, Negotiation and Conflict Management, California State University

Administrative Services Credential Program in Education, California State University

Communicate and Connect: How to Make Communication Meaningful and Sincere

This communication seminar will help leaders and supervisors practice how to speak simply, respectfully and directly with their key employees for a stronger and more effective interpersonal connection.

By adopting these following 5 strategies, communication at work and at home will become more effective and meaningful.

You’ll learn how to:

Seek new and more constructive ways to connect with people at work or in your social circle.

Listen more effectively.

Use your voice and body language to help convey your message.

Focus on the needs and wants of your team and apply the best methods for fulfilling them.

Inspire your team to believe in and communicate the company’s mission and message.

Lead to Succeed: Develop Leadership Skills which Increase Your Influence at Work.

Are you up for promotion? Or, did you just accept a position of leadership and now face the challenge of inspiring and leading your teams?

Are you an entrepreneur looking to hire a staff to complete your company’s mission and objectives?

This presentation gives you the crucial tools to accomplish your objectives and mission.

You’ll learn how to:

Be accessible to your staff.

Lead by example.

Develop and empower your employees or team.

Practice servant leadership: Serve the interests of employees in order to increase their potential and productivity.

Train employees to find their place in the corporate culture and leave a permanent legacy with the organization.