I have consulted with and spoken for numerous business in almost ever sector imaginable.  From public safety to banking to IT and there has become 3 common themes that tell me almost immediately if I have entered a fit, healthy, productive and happy workplace.  It is one of those things you can just feel when you walk in the door.  Maybe it’s the old Paramedic in me that learned a street sixth sense but a trained observer can see it too.  Unfortunately it often takes an outsider to see this as I have found it nearly impossible to see it while on the inside of a company.

1) Energy: Folks laugh at energy but as most of you know you can feel it, good and bad.  I know as a speaker and consultant that my job is much more dynamic when I encounter a business or group where the energy is mixed and not directed.  Health, wellness and leadership create positive energy.

2) Work Areas:  In an office environment what do the desks look like?  Are they cluttered with caffeinated and sugary drinks or is water prevalent.  In industrial settings is the break room filled with healthy options and the coolers filled with home cooking.  Is the food truck mobbed when it hits the job site?  Nutrition is truly paying it forward but will power lacks when poor choices are readily available, provide your staff with good and healthy choices and their behaviors will change for the better.

3) Presenteeism:  When your employees are at work are they working?  How productive are they when it comes down to the specific tasks of their job?  From business and sales to office work countless hours are lost to an employee at work but not really working, and this is when mistakes re made.  Being at work, in tune/tuned in, productive and happy is a process involving good health, fitness (both mental and physical), a proactive work environment and where team work plus individual achievement are both awarded.

It is amazing what some pre-shift stretching, walking meetings, staffed fitness centers, lunch and learns etc. will to do improve morale in your organization and that will positively impact your bottom line,