Facebook is a great way of maintaining old friendships, building new friendships and developing stress related ulcers and bad Attitudes. I don’t know how my FB dilemma happened, and I apparently have no idea how to fix the problem. if I did, you would likely not be experiencing the opportunity to read about it.

What’s happening is that my Facebook account somehow got intertwined with my girlfriend’s account and so letters to me go to her account. Other, and perhaps related, issues are that my account no longer requires a username and password to enter and every few minutes, or maybe in coincidence with my trying to move to another of my FB pages, I find myself on Bonnie’s profile page. Why?
Like I indicated in my last post, Technology has an amazing potential for making life easier and more fun, but in direct proportion to the good it may accomplish is its potential to inflict frustration, inconvenience and downright anger.
Because of these potentials to cloud our true purpose, my next post may ask the questions, Do we have a purpose? If so, what is that purpose? Does life have any meaning beyond enjoying pleasure and experiencing pain?
Or maybe I’ll combat my currently negative viewpoint and improve my Attitude by coming up with a list of things I have to be grateful for.
Having options Rocks!