Whether half of your body is paralyzed or not, it’s pretty much universally agreed that if you want to get as much of whatever it is that you want out of this life, you’re gonna want to do enough exercising to keep your body in as good of condition as you are able to keep it in.

I did other nautilus exercises, on my own, including extensive walking, (i.e. hobbling) but  before my leg and then back injuries, my trainer and I focused on three exercises. Dead lift, one arm press and curls. I also swung the hammer. I loved this, but was too afraid of hitting the knee cap on my partially paralyzed left leg, to continue after the first or second set. The exciting part is that the three exercises we did do worked amazingly well.

I could see and feel the difference the training was making. I was so pleased that when my right knee, which is the one doing most of the work in the dead lift, started to bother me, I ignored the pain and pushed right through it.

Bad idea! I forgot I have limits. We all do. .

Our Attitudes may be our most powerful possession, but our physical health also has a fairly high rating. When I used my Attitude to push through the warning sign of pain, something bad was bound to happen. Finally the pain got so bad I could no longer ignore it.

I had to stop doing any exercises involving my lower extremities. Climbing stairs was still doable but I could only descend stairs by hopping down them. I used my injured right leg for this because I could hop down one stair at a time without bending my knee to the point where it began to hurt.


I kept thinking I could manage with the injured leg by not exercising it until it healed, which I expected it to do on it’s own. Finally, several months ago, after nearly two years, I decided to go in for therapy. It’s astonishing how quickly the trained professionals at Apple Physical Therapy diagnosed my problem and set me on a plan to restore me to fighting condition.


Again I made the mistake of ignoring instructions. Why can’t I learn. Luckily, ife has a way of reteaching us lessons until we are able to learn them. The specific mistake I made this time was overdoing the amount of weight on my shoulders when I used the YMCA’s squat machine. The good news is my knee was healed enough to come through ok, but my knee bone’s connected to my thigh bone and eventually they’re all connected to my back bone…


I didn’t feel any problem for two or three days, but then the morning came when I could hardly get out of bed. My back hurt so bad, I couldn’t move. I’d been so focused on how good my leg felt, I completely forgot about keeping my back straight.


The doctor smiled knowingly and sympathetically as he handed me a prescription for pain pills and instructions to use ice and heat. Thank God for doctors and pain pills.


Anyway, all that’s behind me now as I sit behind my computer, working on some half completed jokes. Depending how productive my morning humor writing is, I will head to the Y and restart exercising, this time with a more cautious passion.


Mentioning my humor writing reminds me that my speaking career began in comedy clubs, and I currently keep my sanity, amuse and entertain my keynote and comedy club audiences with unique perspectives. The reason I bring this up is because in order to only use tried and truly humorous humor on paying audiences, I occasionally work through some new jokes at a local open mic, which I happen to have just returned from. I’m not actually sure why I brought it up, but it did seem to be connected to something

(I’m just keepin’ it real.)