As a teenager, I really thought I knew pretty much everything I needed to know, I don’t think I forgot all that much, but from my current perspective, it seems like I don’t know much of anything. In fact, when it comes to making positive changes in my Attitude, pretty much everything I’ve experienced can be summed up in a few lines:

 1.   “Don’t over think Attitude. I can’t think my way into a new Attitude, I have to live my way into a new Attitude.”

 2.   “Be patient. Time takes Time.”

 3.   “Be humble, I’m not in control. How can I be in control when I don’t know what’s gonna happen until after it happens?”

 4.    “My Attitude is ALL I can control. Be confident. Attitude control is enough.

 5.   “The Attitude I choose is the biggest determiner of how happy, sad, productive or lonely I am.”